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Selling an innovative device, software or solution in the musculoskeletal care space?

Are you an early-stage company in the healthcare technology space?Have a tool, software or app designed to help clinicians deliver a higher standard of care?Want to position your software, technology, or service to attract your targeted buyer?Looking to leverage deep understanding of the physiotherapy & musculoskeletal care space and its varying stakeholders to craft a killer go-to-market strategy?Want to leverage insight and understanding from market research findings in the space?


Now, the question is, how do you actually make all that effort, time, and energy drive effective and qualified sales conversations?
It all starts with what I call the Market Penetration Roadmap

I'm Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L (Rafi), practice owner and healthcare marketing consultant. Let me help you craft an business development strategy that leverages positioning, market research, UVP stakeholder alignment to drive business development strategy for specific healthcare stakeholders.

differentiate value messaging to guide marketing, sales and product content

Align your technology, software, or service with your targeted stakeholder

Create a consistent message to drive business development strategy for specific healthcare stakeholders.

What's Involved

Typical Market Penetration Project Workflow

What it Looks Like

Typically, a market penetration roadmap project spans approximately 6-12 weeks.Through a series of virtual calls and market research, we help you clarify your product's positioning, identify what is most valuable and least valuable in the current iteration and build a roadmap for business development and sales efforts aimed at the targeted healthcare stakeholder, as well as plan for future product development.During the project, we help you gain insight into your target market and align your product's UVP with that specific stakeholder.Projects typically range from 45-60 days on the short end to 8-12 months on the long end, depending on action items developed following market research and UVP alignment.

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The Process

Workflow of Typical Go-To-Market Roadmap Engagements

1. Diagnostic & Positioning Audit

I complete a diagnostic, using data and information from your organization, team's input, and benchmarking to industry standards. This helps us develop identify and clarify your unique service offering and value proposition.

2. Market Research & Insight Gathering

Following data gathering for the diagnostic, we will complete market research and collect insights from target stakeholders to identify what is most valuable and least valuable in the current offering or deliverable for the target market.

3. UVP Stakeholder Alignment

We develop action-items & positioning messages to align your UVP with targeted healthcare stakeholder.

4. Market Penetration Strategy

We help you create offer proposals & templates for client conversations & business development aimed at your targeted healthcare stakeholder.

Why Work with Me?

The real reason you work with someone like me

Objective Advice & Insight

The reason you're even considering working with me is because you've already made the decision that you need to build a more robust business development system.You know you can't keep throwing money at ads, SEO, or "digital marketing" that bring you under qualified prospective clients. You know you need a process for attracting, acquiring, engaging, and retaining those potential clients by positioning your product's UVP in the minds of your targeted healthcare stakeholder. You want all of your marketing efforts to end up moving the needle for your organization.And the best way to do that is by working with someone who won't hold back when providing feedback and recommendations.

Focused Knowledge

I don't work with barbers, plumbers, or car dealerships. I also don't work with accountants, lawyers, or restaurants. I work with healthcare organizations. If you're looking for someone to help craft a business development or marketing strategy for your healthcare technology or SaaS company and their portfolio includes everything from dog-walkers to real estate agents, you need to find someone else.Healthcare is unique, both in the regulatory restrictions, but also in the nuances and value assessments of the various stakeholders. You need someone that focuses only on healthcare positioning strategy.

Knowledge Transfer

Perhaps you've done some work in the healthcare space. Or maybe, you've talked to a few healthcare professionals, clinicians, and/or managers or executives. You've gleaned some insights from these conversations or projects, but haven't walked away with any applicable insights or knowledge that can be used in your healthcare business.That's where I come in. I bring over a decade of experience working on high-level projects across all four of the various healthcare stakeholders (payer, provider, policy-maker, and patient). I work with your team to ensure that those insights are not only communicated to them, but also employed and embedded in your organization's workflows, processes, and positioning strategy.

Why is this important?

Let's talk about marketing and selling a tool, software, platform or app in healthcare

The Importance of Clarity

Technology, software, apps, and platforms hold the future of healthcare service delivery, clinical outcome management, and revenue diversification and scalability for provider organizations, healthcare payers, and the recipients of healthcare services (patients) alike. It also holds the keys for effective and efficient oversight and management for regulatory agencies and policy-makers.And it's getting attention. In fact, most healthcare professionals surveyed report recently taking courses related to technology and tools such as Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.

In addition, over three quarters of healthcare provider organizations surveyed either currently offer, or have plans to implement, virtual service delivery, including remote therapeutic monitoring, telehealth, or other service delivery.

And, aside from the traditional "one-on-one" or synchronous telehealth services and encounters, providers, payers, and patients all seek to explore other methods of delivering or receiving healthcare services virtually; to include asynchronous services and remote patient monitoring.

Given that knowledge, it's no surprise that the healthcare technology market has experienced an influx in new startups and potential service providers aiming to grab a piece of this rapidly expanding market.To stand out from the sea of healthcare technology, app, or SaaS companies flooding into the space, you need to craft a tailored positioning message aimed at the ideal targeted stakeholder for your device, technology, or software.That's where the Market Penetration Roadmap comes in...

About Rafi Salazar & Rehab U Practice Solutions

Who am I, and Why Does That Matter?

About Rafi

Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L (Rafi) started his career as a licensed Occupational Therapist in 2012. After nearly 5 years leading an outpatient specialty rehab clinic at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rafi began work as an independent healthcare consultant on a multi-million dollar project for the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. During that time, he also began working with healthcare clinics focusing on patient engagement and marketing strategy.Rafi’s career trajectory includes 10+ years of experience in healthcare management, clinical operations, programatic development, marketing & business development. He even spent some time as an Assistant Professor in a Graduate Program of Occupational Therapy and has served on numerous boards and regulatory committees. He is the host of The Better Outcomes Show and he is also the author of the book Better Outcomes: A Guide to Humanizing Healthcare.Today, Rafi helps innovative healthcare companies like technology startups, platforms, and SaaS companies develop effective positioning strategy and business development plans through his consulting work.He also leverages his experience as a professor and academic to speak and train on the topics around humanizing the healthcare experience. In addition, Rafi also owns and operates ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness, a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic treating patients with musculoskeletal pain.

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